Syllabus and Course Expectations

CP English 12


Mr. Riordan

Days Back: Monday and Tuesday





Course Overview:

This course is an academically-challenging, comprehensive course for the college-bound student. Each segment of the course will provide the necessary knowledge and skills required for a student to function successfully in any college environment. In English 12, we will conduct in-depth exploration of novels, plays, short stories, and poetry. Much of the reading will be done outside of the classroom, with discussion and the sharing of ideas taking place during class periods. You will also be participating in literary discussions and circles, within both small and large groups.


Writing is also a very important part of this class, and we will be writing several times a week both in and out of class. It is essential that students master all kinds of writing in order to be prepared for their college English classes next year. We will create responses to readings, answer in-class writing prompts, and use our reading as a basis for annotated papers. You will also work on formal expository essays, creative pieces, and a semester research paper. You must complete your Senior English research paper in order to graduate. In addition to this, we will also be spending part of the semester working on different essays and writing topics for your college applications.


A Sample of Textbooks and Supplementary Materials

Prentice Hall Literature Anthology

Write for College





*Supplemental titles for outside reading and other novels in class will also be read and studied

**Please note that materials must be returned to me in order to take your final exam in January. If you lose a book, you are responsible for replacing or paying for that item.



Necessary Materials Provided by Students:

All students must have a 3 ring binder that is used solely for English class. Your binder will hold all work for this class, and should have plenty of white lined paper for notes and writing assignments. You should also have an agenda or assignment notebook to keep track of all long and short-term assignments for class. Also, please note that you are responsible for covering, caring for, and returning assigned texts.


Grading Policy:

Grades for the quarter will be determined as follows:

Quizzes, journals, and short writing assignments – 30%

Tests, research paper and mid-term – 30%

Essays and projects – 25%

Participation/discussion in small and large group settings (literary circles/workshops and class discussions) – 15%

**Your final semester grade will be comprised of your 3rd and 4th quarter grades (45% each) and your final exam (10%).**


Homework Policy:

Homework will be assigned on a daily basis, and may include reading, studying for quizzes and tests, writing, and work on long-term assigned projects. No late homework will be accepted unless there are extenuating circumstances. All assignments are crucial to reinforce and enhance what we are exploring in class. In order to fully participate in class discussion, reading and other homework should be done thoroughly and on time. **Unless instructed otherwise, all reading and writing assignments should be done individually and without secondary sources of any kind. There is no substitution for reading the material assigned.


Attendance and Make-up Information:

The make-up policy of Beverly High School (see your student handbook) will be recognized, but it is advised and expected that missed homework and classwork be completed as soon as possible to avoid falling behind in the course. A blue or green slip must be presented in order to receive the make-up assignments. Late assignments will be marked down by one grade for each day that it is late. Assignments not done will be given a zero. It is your responsibility to come to me for any missed work due to absences or missed classes.


Extra Help:

This semester I will be after school for extra help on Mondays and Tuesdays. I am also free during CD Block. If this is not convenient for you, please see me and we will schedule another time to meet.


Class Behavior:

  1. Be respectful of yourself, fellow students, your teacher, and any class visitors

  2. Be prepared with your materials, texts, and assignments

  3. Be open-minded about delving into new literature, experimenting with writing, listening to other people, and sharing your ideas on the novels and plays we read as a group. We all bring our own experiences and perspectives to class and we can learn from one another.

  4. All school rules will be in effect in my classroom.