This class is designed to develop mature decision making skills. Students will use health and wellness knowledge and current information available when addressing health issues and choices confronting young adolescents today. Class will involve discussion, homework, projects and activities that utilize critical analysis, and problem solving skills. Topics include the four strands of the Massachusetts Health Frameworks: Physical Health, Social and Emotional Health, Safety and Prevention, and Personal & Community Health.

In addition, students enrolled in these courses can expect to experience energetic, enriching lessons centered around the twelve components of fitness, important health related decision making skills (decision making, assertiveness, resisting peer pressure, etc.) and strategies for seeking lifelong, healthy lifestyles. The concept of wellness is for one to gain understanding about the importance of the balance of one's physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, and vocational wellness. It is my goal to teach all students to be good citizens, make health conscious decisions, and adopt healthy behaviors as they enter adulthood. 

As health problems like heart disease, obesity, and stress levels continue to increase in American society, the importance of being fit and living a healthy lifestyle become even more important. Knowledge of fitness basics and how to apply them are a critical component in achieving a healthy fitness level and lifestyle.  The goal of this class is for the students to learn the fundamentals of and participate in a variety of sports that can lead to a healthy level of fitness. One’s athletic ability or success does not have any impact on grades students receive.